PIFT 2018 Volunteers

Adult Volunteers

Check out the volunteer job descriptions below and then click on the big green button below to visit the PIFT 2018 Adult Volunteer Sign-Up List to volunteer for a shift.


If you have any questions or difficulties with the volunteer sign-up process, please contact our PIFT Adult Volunteer Coordinator, Mandy McDonough, at mandym35@gmail.com.

Volunteer Parking

Thank you for volunteering! Parking at PIFT should not be a problem for our volunteers, but please allow extra time before your shift beginsthen proceed to K-12 to check in for your shift/s and get your badge (find "PIFT HQ" on the PIFT Venue Map).

Please be aware that Titan Way will be closed at Espola Rd to through traffic beginning around 9:00 am on Saturday. Only buses, trucks, and vehicles associated with the visiting bands will be permitted on Titan Way. As such, our volunteers may not park in the student/staff lots on the south side of campus. If you will be dropping off or picking up passengers at PIFT, you may only use the drop off/pick up semi-circle at the front of the school and NOT the parking lot by the Band Room. Please note that parking will NOT be allowed in this front area.

Volunteers can park in the "back lot" by the gym and wrestling building (see the PIFT Volunteer Parking Map). Do not park in any of the spaces along the isle at the south end of the stadium. These spaces are reserved for vendors, judges, and chair people. If you arrive before 1:30 pm, you may proceed straight back to the lot via the Espola Rd entrance. At around 1:30 pm, a parking attendant will be stationed at this entrance. The attendant will allow you proceed to the back lot if you identify yourself as a volunteer.

There may be limited on-street parking in the neighborhoods surrounding PHS, including southbound Espola Rd between Titan Way and Summer Sage Rd, and on northbound Riparian Road between Titan Way and Oakstand Road.

If you are unable to find parking in either of the above areas, free PIFT parking is available at the Poway LDS Church (14211 Twin Peaks Road) and the Poway Trinity Church (14047 Twin Peaks Road) with free shuttles running continuously to and from PHS beginning at 2:15 p.m. This will continue throughout the evening to bring spectators back to their cars.

Paid premium parking is also available for a fee of $10 per vehicle at the North lot of PHS adjacent to Titan Stadium off Espola Road. Only cash will be accepted.

Adult Volunteer Job Descriptions

Admissions, North Gate and South Gate

Admissions sells tickets in booths at the North and South gates of the stadium.

Band Check-In

Band Check-In escorts the arriving bands to the areas where they can warm-up, and then down to the field to perform.

Band Staging

Band Staging is responsible for directing buses and equipment trucks into the PHS South parking lot (near N-1).

Concessions Home Side

Concessions operates the food booth on the Home side of the stadium. Jobs include taking orders, making change, and serving food. The first shift of the day will help set up and the last shift of the day will help clean up.

Chair Set Up

Chair Set Up volunteers set up chairs on the field, lights and other equipment in the morning before the tournament starts. They also clean and set up the sitting arrangement on the visitor bleachers for the attending schools.

Gate Control

Gate Control is responsible for informing bands and front ensemble equipment crews where to stage and when to move in preparation for performances.


A hospitality suite for band directors and their staff is available throughout the day. Hospitality volunteers keep the refreshments stocked and the area cleaned up.

Medical, North Stadium and Band Room Lot

Medical volunteers assist with the medical station. You do not need to be a nurse or doctor.


Merchandise volunteers sell t-shirts, programs, jewelry, beanies, buttons, etc. in a booth on the Visitor side to help raise money for PHSMB.


Parking volunteers direct student dropoff vehicles in the front of the school, control access to reserved parking for PIFT judges, VIP, and special guests, and direct parking in the overflow lots.


Security volunteers direct spectators inside the stadium, check spectator's tickets or badges and man strategic gates into the stadium. Note that this job allows you to watch all the field shows.

Saturday Clean Up

Saturday Clean-Up crew starts cleaning up the campus and parking lots after PIFT, taking down signs, returning equipment to the Band Room, etc.


Signage volunteers assist with putting up signs or supervising student volunteers to put up signs around campus and/or stadium.

Sunday Clean-Up

Sunday Clean-Up crew completes the cleaning up of the field and bleachers, along with the south and North Parking lot, around the school and PCPA.


Ushers control access in and out of the home side stadium while bands are performing.

Volunteer Work Room

The Volunteer Work Room (K-12) is the home base for volunteers throughout the day. Volunteers are checked-in and directed to where they will be working. Radios are handed out and tracked.

Student Volunteers

Sign-up information for student volunteers will be posted soon.

If you have any questions or difficulties with the student volunteer sign-up process, please contact our PIFT Student Volunteer Coordinator, Maki Boennighausen, at kizb12act@gmail.com.

Contact Us

If you have questions or comments about PIFT, please contact the PIFT 2018 Chair, Pam Yates, at powayfieldtournament@gmail.com.