Orchestra and Non-Marching Student Registration for 2017-2018

Orchestra and Non-Marching Student Registration

Thursday, September 28, 2017

7:15-8:15 p.m.

PHS Band Room N-1

Registration for all Orchestra and non-marching Band students will be held on Thursday, September 28, from 7:15 p.m. to 8:15 p.m. in the Band Room (N-1). All students MUST be accompanied with at least one parent.

Please bring the following to Registration:

  • Payment method for voluntary donation to the Music Program - cash, credit card, or check (made out to "PHSMB") will be accepted
  • All applicable registration forms (see below)
  • Your enthusiastic support - volunteer, donate, and encourage!

Your voluntary tax-deductible donation to the Poway High School Music Boosters (PHSMB) goes directly to the PHS Instrumental Music Program (Concert Band, Orchestra, Marching Band, Color Guard, and Jazz Band). Donations from parents, relatives, alumni, and friends are absolutely vital to the success of the program. The annual budgeted expense per student is funded solely with these donations and PHSMB fundraising activities. If you have any questions about the budget and student expenses, feel free to ask one of the Boosters at Registration. All donations are much appreciated by the Music Directors and Staff, and most importantly, our music students.

Every parent of a student in the Instrumental Music Program is automatically part of the PHS Music Boosters (PHSMB) organization. At Registration, find out what the Boosters do to support the enrichment of all of the students who participate in the program. Please attend the monthly Music Boosters meeting (usually on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:30 p.m.) to ask questions, get information about current activities and events, and hear about the many opportunities to help the program.

For questions about Registration, please contact Booster President Jamie Casados at pres4phsmb.jamie@gmail.com.

Registration Forms for 2017-2018

Each of the forms below are in Adobe PDF format. You should be able to download a form, open it with the Adobe Acrobat Reader, type your data in the highlighted fields, and print it. You can download a free copy of the current Adobe Acrobat Reader by clicking here.

  • Confidential Medical Information Release Form for Co-Curricular Activity (AKA Form A) - Required
  • This form must be signed and completed by the parent/guardian and turned into the Music Booster secretary before the student can participate in any PHS Music Program activity. It contains essential parent/guardian contact information. The form optionally grants permission for the lead chaperones to dispense to students non-prescription aspirin, Tylenol, or Advil if needed. Click here to download the form.

  • Authorization to Carry Medication While at School (AKA Form B) - Required
  • This PUSD form is only required if it is necessay for the student to carry prescription and/or non-prescription medication for a medical condition. A new Form B must be submitted each year. Note that the form must be signed by both student and parent and completed and signed by the student's physician. Copies of the form must be kept with student, and on file with PHSMB and PHS. All medication must be in its original container. If it is applicable, this form must be submitted every year. Click here to download the form.

  • Assumption of Potential Risk and Release of Liability Agreement for Voluntary Activity (AKA Form C) - Required
  • This PUSD form is required each year for all students and all volunteers who will be traveling either on the uniform truck, the equipment truck, or buses to events throughout the school year. By signing the form, the parent agrees to assume all liability and responsibility for any potential risks associated with the activity, and releases PUSD and PHSMB from liability. The form must be completed and signed by the parent/guardian before the student can participate in any PHS Music Program events and performances that requires travel. Note that adult volunteers who will be traveling to events/performances on buses or PHSMB trucks must also complete and sign a Form A. Click here to download the form.

  • Policy Agreement Form (AKA Form D) - Required
  • This PHSMB form must be signed by both parent and student before the student can particiapte in the PHS Music Program. It is an agreement to abide by all Behavior Conduct, Rules, and Disciplinary Actions as stated in the Poway High School Parent/Student Handbook. Click here to download the form.

  • Poway High School Music Program Remittance Form - Required (PDF format ) (Excel format )
  • This form is used for tax-deductible music program donations. You may use either the Excel spreadsheet or PDF version.

  • Volunteer Code of Conduct - Required for all PHSMB volunteers
  • This PUSD form must be completed by each PHSMB adult volunteer. It is an agreement that the volunteer will follow the District Volunteer Code of Conduct. If you have completed this form for PHSMB during a previous year and it is on file with the booster secretary, you do not need to fill it out again. Click here to download the form.

  • Level I - Volunteer Application, Megan's Law Background Check - Required for all PHSMB volunteers
  • This PUSD form is a release for a Megan's Law background check that is required on all PUSD volunteers. This form only has to be submitted once. Once you are cleared, you will not have to submit this form again during your entire tenure with PUSD. Click here to download the form.